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Use carpet stair treads to avoid injuries at home

Use carpet stair treads to avoid injuries at home
It is common to have sudden falls at home which sadly leads to injuries and fractures. Mainly, this is seen in children and adults who hurt themselves by neglecting certain precautions which are of more use. This is why most of the homeowner’s ad stair treads to the wooden stairs to avoid such injuries and accidents at any time. If you have toddlers and aged people at home then it is more important to install carpet on stairs otherwise soft wood surface will break the hips which becomes incapacitated for a long time. Just concentrate on certain aspects when you move into a new home as laying carpet on stair treads is more important like installing smoke detectors and burglar alarm at home.
Use carpet stair treads to avoid injuries at home

Stair treads give stairs anti slippery surface
As you know stair treads give a non slippery surface which is safe for walking on it all through the day to complete small household works. There is no concern of stair material as they can be of wood, concrete or metal or of any other type. Also there is no issue of price range in carpet material as carpeting on wood surface is performed with some techniques and adhesives to keep the carpet free from slipping away. Once when the stair carpet is installed, you have complete safety to you and your family without any risk.
Beautiful and attractive part of interiors
Carpet stair treads are a beautiful and attractive part of home interior as you see many people installing them in different designs and colors. To give a more chic look you can install braided stair treads in small pieces which increase the safety of your foot grip on the stair. Always choose the best type of carpeting in light, medium or heavy designs and quality. It is suggested that heavy wear is a best option for stairs as it lets you to judge the density of fibers and its durability.
Certain aspects to consider for installing carpet
When you have decided for Carpet stair treads at home then, there are certain aspects to think over to complete the project. Along with carpet, there is need of hand rail to give some support while stepping up and down in dim lights. You might have seen on the internet the designs and certain things considered when installing Carpet on stairs. Initially, select the design that attracts you. For this, you can gain information from interior designing websites which gives you an idea and pictures of designs. After that check the qualification of the installer with a few questions about the project worked before. You can share your ideas with them if you have any in your mind. Try to know the installation process with use of fasteners as it is good to maintain them from getting slipped or damaged. With all these aspects, you can see a smile of appreciation on your guest face in the next party.
Step by step instruction to do it by yourself
If you are looking or planning to do it by yourself then here are some useful instructions to follow.
  • ·         Initially, cut strips according to the size of the stair which should be parallel to the corner and perfect in size to the tread. For steady placement, make a spacer of two strips that are taped together to decide how high to place these strips on the riser.
  • ·         Now, cut carpet padding with the same width like the strips and wrap it around the front edge of the steps by leaving some slack.
  • ·         Now roll out the required length of the carpet and cut it to approximate size. Turn it upside down and mark with a chalk on every side to note that the distance is equal on the two sides of carpet.
  • ·         Crease the carpet runner and fold the edges of the carpet. Use a tool to keep it in proper position on the strip.
  • ·         Staple the runner carpet just below the tread and be careful while doing so. You can use a knee kicker to keep the carpet tight in the tread corner. Repeat it to seven times as you are using it on the staircase way.
  • ·         Now finally, straighten the carpet’s edge to give it a neat and finished look.

Therefore your Carpet stair treads are ready to give an appealing look to your home and safety to your family.

The Carpet stair treads are ready to give an appealing look to your home and safety to your family. So, Install the carpet or rugs on stairs and enhance the beauty of your house and make your kids and family safe.

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  1. I purchased these many years ago and have held up really well,however, after many washings they are becoming less safe. I loved them. I was wondering if you had these in the dark brown or could I request a catalog from you.