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1-Set of 15 Skid-resistant Carpet Stair Treads - Toffee Brown - 8 In. X 30 In. - Many Other Sizes to Choose From
Best Carpet Stair Treads
Price:149$ / Buy
2-Domino Euro Sisal Stair Treads - Set of 13

Price:139$ / Buy
3-Set of 12 Attachable Indoor Carpet Stair Treads - Camel Tan - 8 In. X 30 In

Price:149$ / Buy
4-Rug Depot Premium Carpet Stair Treads - 27" x 9 - Custom Made Stair Treads
Rug Depot Premium Carpet Stair Treads
Price:289$ / Buy

5-148780 - Rug Depot Premium Carpet Stair Treads - 30" x 9
Price:269$ / Buy

6-166027 - Rug Depot Premium Carpet Stair Treads - 27" x 9
Custom Made Stair Treads

Price:199$ / Buy

7-66023 - Rug Depot Premium Carpet Stair Treads - 30" x 9
Price:199$ / Buy

8-Floortex Ultimat Polycarbonate Stair Treads for Hard Floors, Pack of 15, Clear, 9 x 25 Inches
Price:166$ / Buy

9-5'x 8' Persian Silk Rug Rug Hanger Shaggy Area Rug Custom Size Bath Rugs
 Price:4800$ / Buy

10-5'x 8' Hand Knotted Silk Carpet Silk on Silk Persian Carpet High Quality Persian Carpet(238a-5x8)
 Price:7200$ / Buy

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1-Ivory Rug Carpet Stair Treads Set Of 4 CST260I
carpet stair treads for sale
Price:15$ / Buy

2-Blue Rug Carpet Stair Treads Set Of 4 CST260B
carpet stair treads set of 15
Price:15$ / Buy

3-Solid Blue Rug Carpet Stair Treads Set Of 12
stair treads for sale

Price:26$ / Buy

4-Burgundy Rug Carpet Stair Treads Set Of 4 CST260R
carpet stair treads for hardwood stairs
Price:15$ / Buy

5-Affordable Light Beige Set of 7 Skid-Resistant Rubber Backing Non-Slip Carpet Stair Treads-Machine Washable
carpet stair treads home improvement

Price:24$ / Buy

6-Safety Track 3100 Non Slip High Traction Safety Tape, 80-Grit, Black, 6" x 24", (10-Pack)
homemade carpet stair treads

Price:33$ / Buy

7-Set Of 4 Butterfly Pattern Stair Treads
carpet stair treads home depot

Price:36$ / Buy
8-"Summit" Carpet Stair Treads Landing Mat, 29" x 40"
oak stair treads for sale

Price:39$ / Buy

9-"Salona" Carpet Stair Treads Landing Mat, 29" x 40"
carpet stair treads for sale
Price:39$ / Buy

10-"Simi" Carpet Stair Treads Landing Mat, 29" x 40"
cheap carpet tiles for sale
Price:39$ / Buy

11-"Synergy" Carpet Stair Treads Landing Mat, 29" x 40"
stair treads for sale
Price:39$ / Buy

12-Burgundy Rug Carpet Stair Treads Set Of 12 CTS12R
wood stair treads for sale

Price:39$ / Buy

13-CocoMatsNMore Panama Filigree Stair Treads
maple stair treads for sale

Price:44$ / Buy

14-Rubber Step Guards/Stair Mats- Set of 2
cheap carpet rugs for sale

Price:11$ / Buy

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Installing stair treads on your own is not as difficult as it seems

Treading Lightly
A stair tread is that specific part of the stairway that a person steps on. It is the horizontal slat of wood (or any other material) that you put your foot on when going up or down the stairs. Stair treads can be one of the design elements that could define the whole look of the staircase. You could add in functional and practical elements as well to make people less likely to slip when treading on the steps.
Installing stair treads on your own is not as difficult as it seems. It only takes a few steps to successfully give your staircases a new look by replacing old treads with new ones. The steps to installing stair treads include the following:
Step 1: The first thing to do when attempting to install stair treads is to prepare. Gather all the needed materials such as tools, glues, nails, and the tread parts. Make sure that the room is at the appropriate temperature for optimum glue adhesion.
Step 2: Clean all the stair surfaces and make sure they are free of any debris and dirt: dust, oil, paint, rust, old adhesives, etc. To have better results, fill in any cracks or uneven seams with a sealant or a plaster compound.
Step 3: Size up the stairs and cut the treads accordingly. At first, it is best to make the treads a little oversized to make room for any errors. This would allow you to do some trials before installation and to be flexible with irregularly shaped or placed steps. When doing the final sizing, measuring, and cutting, be sure that the treads fit snugly on the steps. Any irregularities such as slanting or popping up of seams may be potential causes of tripping, slipping, falling, and other accidents.
Step 4: Install the stair tread with adhesives and/or nails. If you decide to use glues and other forms of adhesives, follow the manufacturer’s instructions as closely as possible. This would prevent any future problems of the tread detachment. When you decide on using nails, either wooden or metallic, make sure to hammer them down so that they do not protrude unnecessarily. For a cleaner look or finish, you can apply some plaster compounds to hide the nail heads.
Step 5: The last part of stair tread installation is refining and finishing. Hammer in any loose nail heads and sand off any excess glue. Paint the treads to match the rest of the stairs if necessary.
With care and proper attention to detail, you can get the job right at your first try. As previously mentioned, they can also be incorporated to match the overall theme of the whole house. They can have little unique touches that further reflect the personalities of the homeowners. If however, you are not one to jump in for do-it-yourself projects, then you can call in a professional contractor to do the job. Either way, making sure that the stair treads are still fully functional is one way of stepping up (no pun intended) safety measures within one’s home.

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carpet stair treads

Protection and safety with carpet stair treads
Safety is clearly the most significant option which you should always initially consider. There are different kinds of safety which includes the mechanical safety as well as environmental safety. Hence, while considering the improving of safety of the staircase and the stairway, you need to take into consideration the 2 diverse but significant kinds of safety issues. The highly obvious consideration is slickness of stairs, you should check that are they actually slippery? Has any person ever slipped, or fallen, or fallen down from stairs? If yes, then adding the carpet stair treads to your home can be the correct and the appropriate solution for you as well as for your complete family members.

When considering of whether to install the carpet runner in home you would have several aspects of project to cautiously think about. In fact, prior to deciding to install the carpetstair treads both owners as well as for the occupants may also wish to initially consider 3 aspects such as style, safety and method of installation. You should begin by asking the question yourself. As you actually think about few of the questions and consider everything which comes to your mind vigilantly as well as thoroughly. The questions which you should ask from yourself should be like, what are the safety benefits which are offered by the stair carpet runners to you and to your family? What is the style carpet which best supports the user safety as well as the aesthetic requirements? What is the method of installation which would be appropriate for you? Do you actually have the requisite tools as well as time to install the rug? After vigilantly considering all such questions you must be ready to board the project for improvement on your home! Let us take a detailed and complete look at safety considerations as you should always remember that safety comes first than anything else.
You can even wish to rule about various other options which enhances the surface texture and which also thereby enhances the safety of the staircase. Environmental safety is even the most significant factor which needs to be considered. Do you actually have the chemical sensitivity and the allergies? If yes, you would most preferably wish to research the natural as well as low emitting carpets along with the carpet liners. In reality, the carpet stair treads which is eco-friendly is actually probably the best bet. You may even look into the pads of stair carpet runner which are made of the natural rubber or the other alternatives to get the synthetic options. Moreover, you can also consider to securing the pieces of stair tread carpet in contrast to complete stair rug.
You would also wish to make sure about whoever is also installing is the completely protected. In the reality, person must have the eye protection accessible to them at the time of installing stair carpet runner. At the same time, during preparation period, if the solvents are also used, the proper respirator must be used and available. It is even the case for the paints as well as the paint fumes. In case there are any pregnant lady around you would wish to consider having in the various section of house which is away from project. Moreover, as specified earlier, persons with the chemical sensitivities and the allergies can also wish to get located all away from project as well. Now you have to take into consideration all 3 significant safety factors such as mechanical, environmental as well as project, it is the time to embark the exciting as well as worthwhile addition to the interior, the carpet stair treadsStairs may be also made from the different materials. Such materials mainly include iron, wood, glass as well as the stainless steel. What so ever material you select though, you need to ensure that it is the best and superior quality. Buy the requisite material from the trusted as well as reputable source. Cheap materials will also save you much money at initial level, but when they will break down than normal and so you would eventually end up spending more. 

Short Description:
Properly fixed and superior quality of carpet stair treads will give stylish look, will ensure durability and at the same time most importantly it will protect and save your family members from unexpected and unforeseen slip from the stairs.

carpet stair treads – Few tips for safety

Carpet stair treads – Few tips for safety
People usually fall and get hurt themselves on the staircases each day, and unhappily, not just that these injuries are quite serious but few of such accidents can be also avoidable at the same time. Below mentioned are some important tips for the safety of the stair.
1) You must keep stairs clear from any kind of debris. For the indoor stairs it includes not using the stair cases as an area for storage. It amazes that how in few houses stairs hold actually as much as things which closets have. People would do slip, trip and at times they also fall on the items on the stairs. For the outdoors stairs it includes leaves, debris and other kind of dirt as well as the toys along with the objects and the snow and ice at the time of winter.
2) Install few kinds of non slip surface when if stairs are also slippery. The Rubber stair treads, carpet stair treads and the Vinyl stair treads, along with the non slip tape and the carpet stair treads, and several others which are easily available. Several of these choices are very much economical and are also quite easy and simple to install. Any kind of home improvement store and the hardware store will also stock various choices and options.
3) Keep the stairs perfectly lit and ensure that there is no darkness. It may also involve replacing the light bulbs; installation of the appropriate lights which can includes perhaps the auto-on trip lighting which is outside. Check the stairs at light both of these inside and also out. Is lighting quite sufficient and adequate?
4) Hand railings, even though perhaps not important everywhere, are the great thing which can also prevent several falls. Just ensure that they are quite secured as well as steady.
5) You should be aware that while you are using the stairs, both for going up and for going down. Often just being aware as well as normally being careful will also prevent many accidents. There are just no reasons for many stair accidents to happen. Even though we are not able to prevent them completely, but little planning and also common sense will hopefully prevent such accidents.
carpet stair treads – Few tips for safety

When it is about the small do it is to projects around home, the most generally overlooked projects however the important ones are to consider doing is installing the non slip stair treads over the steps as well as stairs in the home. Wet as well as slippery steps may be really quite dangerous to walk over them, and the accidents may also happen to any person. It simple as well easy to do the project which would just take the short time to conclude, and also benefits which will also last for several coming years.
Most kinds will also come with the directions along with the adhesive backing. You would initially need to exhaustively wash as well as dry area which you will apply on them to. You should be sure to read included with instructions to ensure that they are completely gets fastened. You are not barred correctly as they would not last, and can also possibly be dangerous if they would come to lose. If the carpet stair treads are properly installed then it will offer several years of protection to the slippery places of your home and will also help to reduce the chance of accident. With minimal investment as well as safety benefits, it is simple afternoon project which is worth doing and which will make your house to be safer and comfortable.
Summary: The initial most things to do is to move through the home and to assess what steps you would benefit from the non slip treads getting installed. So, if you will have the hardwood floors, or the outdoor stairs which are also exposed to ice and rain, these are even the great candidates to even consider. You would wish to count that how different individual steps that you will have so you would know exactly the treads that your required. The other thing, you will also wish to measure everyone to ensure that you purchase the correct and appropriate size. Ideally these should also cover huge area, though it is not possible always.

stair tread rugs – important for stairs

Stair tread rugs – Important for stairs
Does your home possess the outdoor or the indoor steps and the staircases? Do you generally spend much of your time in cleaning and also maintaining them on routine and regular basis, or are you actually trusting to your luck which they will hold up indistinctly, or at least till you have much time to give your requisite attention? 
Steps perform the vital function in every home. Even though few people install the faux Stair tread rugs for getting the designer and stylish look, many steps are used for connecting various levels of your home and to facilitate the passage in between them all through the series of wood, steel and also of the vinyl footholds. Apart from those people who are physically disabled, these are usually safe for any age of person to walk through, from the toddlers to elderly people. However, if they are not then you may also do some things to make it highly conducive to save the passage for every household member and the occasional guests. You need to create a rule through which the steps do not get clutter on them. You may even delegate and assign the task of cleaning them every day to your kids, or you can also make person of your family to be responsible for removing the shoes, coats, newspapers, books as well as various other items which may set down at that place instead of leaving them around for several days. It will also help to have a person to vacuum the steps for removing the dust, dropped pins as well as hairclips, and any other thing which could actually stick at anyone’s bare foot.

stair tread rugs – important for stairs

Check each few months and also to be certain about every step which remains solid. Moreover, loose boards and the torn carpeting will lead to the nasty falls. Get the hammer as well as nails to fix any kind of broken areas quickly to keep any one away from falling as well as being hurt. When you are at it, you should check banisters as well as railings to ensure that they are stable, and also that no spokes gets splintered and ready to stick and to give any person a splinter. If you do not have the handrail, this may be true time to get install one. You need to ensure that they fit tightly to the wall moreover you should also discourage your kids from playing over them. If the steps are carpeted so you should also check to lose the strings which may be quite unraveling as well as the clip them to always prevent the getting caught in the shoes of people or in the trailing robe and the toy of your child.
If the steps are bare, you may consider adding a Stair tread rugs with the thin grooves which will help to keep the users away from slipping. It is particularly important for the steps which lead from outside to inside of your house, but these will be also very useful for the staircase in your home. You need to ensure that these treads are firmly fixed or nailed or properly glued in the appropriate place, and you must check periodically for the loose ends which can flip up when these catch on the slipper or shoe of people and can cause a fall. Lighting is other significant feature of the safe stairways. Table lamps and Wall sconces on landings can also be helpful. Moreover, overhead lighting works, even though bulbs can also be very difficult to change while they get burn. You may also want to place the area rug at bottom of steps, making certain that it is secure and safe with the rubber backing which grips bare floor and adheres in the place to carpet. This rug will also catch the debris from the shoes of people before they actually take steps where the dried mud gets accumulated and dust can come and fill the stair treads or the coat of carpet fibers.
New storyCarpet stair treads – for spiral stair treads
Description: Stairs can be really slippery and may cause serious injuries if someone falls from it. You may use the non skid rubber paint which is mainly used on the staircase, walkways and the decks as well. The special and exclusive non slip formula generally comes in various colors as well which will complement the design and color of your stairs. These are little bit expensive as compare to the usual paint however they are certainly safe and a valuable investment if you want to protect your family members.

Carpet stair treads – for spiral stair treads

Carpet stair treads – for spiral stair treads
If you live in a small and multiple-story house, then possible you generally noticed that staircase that you have generally take more floor space than it ideally should take. Many home owners in the similar kind of situation generally try to make do with actually by decorating it as well as by maximizing and optimizing the space below it. On the other hand, you may also now take a back lot of the lost or used floor space by using the spiral stairs in its place. Few people are also quite hesitant to use the spiral staircase for the reason that they does not think if they are actually safe, but you may be even more at comfort by installing the stair treads. Moreover, you should bear in your thoughts that you generally require to find the carpet stair treads which will fit actual spiral stairs. For this the main need is for the reason of the wedge-shape of these steps of the spiral staircase which is actually different from usual or the common rectangular shape of ordinary stairway. Moreover, it is also necessary to look for the design made which is particularly for the kind which you have at your home. So, if you cannot find one that you have in mind that from the local store, you may also try to search for it over the internet. Moreover, you may even improvise by buying the traditional cutting and design or by adjusting them which can make them perfectly fit the staircase.
Carpet stair treads – for spiral stair treads

The Spiral stairs are even outstanding for providing the access to various other areas of your house like the attic. Moreover, if you have the limited space in the home, it would actually not cause several problems as most of these are designs which are recently in the market which were created to save used space of your house. If you find that the steps of the staircase to be quite slippery, you may also install the non skid stair treads which will add more to the traction. Moreover, there are even designs which have the anti-skid backing that is perfect if you would be going to put the spiral stairs outside and in the open area of your home. Other essential benefit of using the stair rugs or the carpet stair treads for the spiral stairways is a fact that these truly enhance and augment the look. Usually having the spiral stairways at your home also means that the room has the touch of extra decorative, as not several home owners have anything which is like that in the own habitations. However, by adding to the decorative treads and the rugs which match in the design and the color, you will also increase the worth of the home even quite more.
It is also getting quite common which people experience the slips and the falls down stairs. Especially when it is about the elderly or the children, using the additional stair treads are mainly quite significant to make the staircases to be safe and protected. The Stair treads are actually a great invention which helps everyone to maintain their balance to be better on the slippery stairs. Basically losing the footing is a thing which is of past now since you are quite much better to be able to control the person walking on the stairs and simply don’t let them fall. Your feet will get additional grips which will keep you protected and safe from tumbling down stairs.
The other most commonly used stair treads and also quite expensive as well various other kinds are those which are made of wood. These are usually the wooden pieces which are on the top of steps of every staircase which keeps from falling down. Many such stair treads are made from wood and they have the area which extends just little across edge, offering you the additional safety along with security when they are walking through the steps.
Short Description: Many stair treads are made from wood and they have the area which extends just little across edge, offering you the additional safety along with security when they are walking through the steps. They generally make steps to be wider and hence they give the person to have better footing. Moreover, the wooden ones actually look to be great and may also enhance the appearance of every home, thereby enhancing the value of property.

Stair treads carpet – Ensuring safety for your family

Stair treads carpet – Ensuring safety for your family
You must have seen fall at home which are very much common occurrence and unhappily they generally come with minor or even major injuries. Specifically if elderly or if children are falling, they would hurt themselves more as compared to other people. So, this is the reason many home owners have started to add the stair treads carpet to their staircases, which will help to avoid any awful accidents which can happen at your home. However, if you have small kids at home or if you have old age parents then their safety becomes a major concern which needs to be taken proper care by you, so, you must apply the treads to the stairs. There is no doubt that old age people may very easily and simply break their hips and might also become debilitated for long period of time. Moreover, the cost or the price of insurance of such kinds of falls is incredibly high for every person who are involved in it. However, it is a quite disappointing fact that while people plan to move in their new house, they concentrate generally on several other aspects of house, like installing the burglar alarms, arranging and installing the smoke detectors, however they generally ignore the most important stairs which may cause a great harm to their small kids and their old parents or grandparents. The stairs are usually taken for granted and so not much is thought about them. And in several cases it also proves to be the huge mistake.
Stair treads carpet
Stair treads carpet 
Using the stair treads carpet offersthe stairs very elegant and nice look and apart from look it also gives high level of protection as they are non-slippery surface which is quite safe for walking as well as down steps. It also does not really matter what kind of material these stairs are made of, irrespective of wood, concrete and metal, stair-treads also do offer additional protection which should not get neglected. Moreover, there is an issue which treads are quite much cheap as compared to using the full carpets on these steps. On the other hand they also appear to be incredible pretty, they does not cost an arm and the leg. So, when you also have wood flooring in its place, they also actually bring out wood surface by displaying the steps depth as well as width.
Once stair treads gets installed, you even require to make sure about the lights which are installed at top as well as the lower levels of the staircases. In such a way you will have complete safety along with visibility while you have to walk through the stairs at the time of night when the mind is also quite fuzzed from sleeping. Moreover, several people slip and even fall each year, frequently hurting themselves badly and at times even dying. Several of these slips as well as falls happen on the stairs, and also safety of the stairs which may generally get improved by adding the simple stair treads. The stair treads usually come in several varieties, and not just to assist them to make stairs safer, however it also protect the stairs, normally at the high traffic area, from any kind of wear and tear along with add decor. The Stair treads may be also used both at the outdoors and indoors as well. The stair tread made of rubber are generally quite durable, inexpensive and generally come with the convenient as well as comfortable adhesive backing. On the other hand they can also be glued with the help of separate adhesive, or can also have the non slip backing of rubber backing. Outdoor ones at times are also not glued that will allows them to get easily lifted as well as shaken out, much similar to the welcome door mat.
Short Description: Stair treads are generally made from carpet which exists for both the outdoor as well as indoor use, even though they also seem to be quite famous when they are used indoors. They can be individual carpet pieces, and at times quite braided carpet pieces which are for every stair, or also made from the continuous roll which gets fastened to stairs. They will add importantly to decoration of the home as they not just appear to be good but they protect your family members from any kind of nasty or sudden fall.

Carpet stair treads and things to remember when purchasing and installing them

Things to remember when purchasing and installing Carpet stair treads
A lot of people have stairs in their house, either inside the home or outside their door. Mainly if you have old living in the home, you need to confirm that they are secure when walking down or up at all times. Miserably there have been many accidents sourced by falls and slips because of slippery stairs. So, using the stair treads at home is the added measurement of the safety that makes any staircase more beautiful and modern. Falling down from the stairs is really not hop to happen any longer and so the manufacturers of the stair tread rugs have struggled to make carpet stair treads of different type of materials, which keep the staircases as slip free as feasible at every times.
Buy Carpet stair treads

A carpet stair treads is a type of carpet, which installed in the center of the stairway. Its purpose is to make the stair’s look more attractive and it provides extra comfort as it gives a moderate feeling when you are using the stairs. There are many structure and designs are available in the online and offline market either finished from wood, artificial fibers, or a mixture of both and you can select from a broad variety of it but forever check to desire the material with superior quality. A perfect and good quality fiber is used in the formation of stair carpet and it would last longer. Make sure that you select very well the design and that it is properly matching on the whole appearance of the home.
To make sure the safety, it is greatest to hire an expert in installing the carpet treads for stairs. On the other hand, if you are functioning on tight resources, you can do it manually but only confirm that you carry it out carefully as a defectively installed carpet runner for stairs is at high risk for accident to come about. If you make a decision to do it manually, just follow the complete instruction on the installation of carpet runners. Proper installation of the stair tread carpet is very necessary. If you will install your stair tread covers in a proper manner then it will give your house an enhanced look as well as complete security against the accidents.
It is reasonable to install the stair carpet manually if you are confident that you can perform the entire procedures in a proper manner, otherwise much bigger cost is at risk if harm to the health is forfeited because of inappropriate installation of these safety measurements. Like, you have wooden based stair-treads that are just right for the wood stairways. They are mainly flat parts of the wood that are putting at the top side of each step. There are even lots of material of carpet are available in the market, every material offering you its individual safety features. A few are very useful in the settings of industrial and commercial, like the metal stair carpet, yet others are also utilized by homeowners, as well as the rubber ones and braided threads. Rubber is essentially used in the industrial areas. No issue which type of the stair carpet you are using, you need to confirm that you have some on your stairs because they make your stepping much secure on the staircases. You can utilize tacks of the carpet on laminate stairs or hardwood in its place of carpet tape, but the carpet tacks leave small size holes in the base. Some manufacturers of the stair tread carpet suggest putting nonskid pads below every tread for additional traction. In case you are using this technique, then first fix the pads to the stair tread covers with the help of carpet tape, and after that fix the other part of the pads to the staircase, with the help of carpet tape.
Carpet for stairs is a wonderful idea to keep safe your family members from any accident. It is also a good idea to give a new look to your home. There are so many people who are using carpet treads for stairs to give improved look their house, and these are the best selling products in America. So, you can also beautify and secure your home with America’s best selling carpet stair treads.
It is often seen that people have stairs in houses and they even buy Rugs or carpets for the stairs. But now the question is do we actually know the important points to be taken care when you purchase the carpet for stairs? This article will provide complete information and key things to be kept in mind while buying stair tread covers.