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stair tread rugs – important for stairs

Stair tread rugs – Important for stairs
Does your home possess the outdoor or the indoor steps and the staircases? Do you generally spend much of your time in cleaning and also maintaining them on routine and regular basis, or are you actually trusting to your luck which they will hold up indistinctly, or at least till you have much time to give your requisite attention? 
Steps perform the vital function in every home. Even though few people install the faux Stair tread rugs for getting the designer and stylish look, many steps are used for connecting various levels of your home and to facilitate the passage in between them all through the series of wood, steel and also of the vinyl footholds. Apart from those people who are physically disabled, these are usually safe for any age of person to walk through, from the toddlers to elderly people. However, if they are not then you may also do some things to make it highly conducive to save the passage for every household member and the occasional guests. You need to create a rule through which the steps do not get clutter on them. You may even delegate and assign the task of cleaning them every day to your kids, or you can also make person of your family to be responsible for removing the shoes, coats, newspapers, books as well as various other items which may set down at that place instead of leaving them around for several days. It will also help to have a person to vacuum the steps for removing the dust, dropped pins as well as hairclips, and any other thing which could actually stick at anyone’s bare foot.

stair tread rugs – important for stairs

Check each few months and also to be certain about every step which remains solid. Moreover, loose boards and the torn carpeting will lead to the nasty falls. Get the hammer as well as nails to fix any kind of broken areas quickly to keep any one away from falling as well as being hurt. When you are at it, you should check banisters as well as railings to ensure that they are stable, and also that no spokes gets splintered and ready to stick and to give any person a splinter. If you do not have the handrail, this may be true time to get install one. You need to ensure that they fit tightly to the wall moreover you should also discourage your kids from playing over them. If the steps are carpeted so you should also check to lose the strings which may be quite unraveling as well as the clip them to always prevent the getting caught in the shoes of people or in the trailing robe and the toy of your child.
If the steps are bare, you may consider adding a Stair tread rugs with the thin grooves which will help to keep the users away from slipping. It is particularly important for the steps which lead from outside to inside of your house, but these will be also very useful for the staircase in your home. You need to ensure that these treads are firmly fixed or nailed or properly glued in the appropriate place, and you must check periodically for the loose ends which can flip up when these catch on the slipper or shoe of people and can cause a fall. Lighting is other significant feature of the safe stairways. Table lamps and Wall sconces on landings can also be helpful. Moreover, overhead lighting works, even though bulbs can also be very difficult to change while they get burn. You may also want to place the area rug at bottom of steps, making certain that it is secure and safe with the rubber backing which grips bare floor and adheres in the place to carpet. This rug will also catch the debris from the shoes of people before they actually take steps where the dried mud gets accumulated and dust can come and fill the stair treads or the coat of carpet fibers.
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Description: Stairs can be really slippery and may cause serious injuries if someone falls from it. You may use the non skid rubber paint which is mainly used on the staircase, walkways and the decks as well. The special and exclusive non slip formula generally comes in various colors as well which will complement the design and color of your stairs. These are little bit expensive as compare to the usual paint however they are certainly safe and a valuable investment if you want to protect your family members.

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