Installing stair treads on your own is not as difficult as it seems

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A stair tread is that specific part of the stairway that a person steps on. It is the horizontal slat of wood (or any other material) that you put your foot on when going up or down the stairs. Stair treads can be one of the design elements that could define the whole look of the staircase. You could add in functional and practical elements as well to make people less likely to slip when treading on the steps.
Installing stair treads on your own is not as difficult as it seems. It only takes a few steps to successfully give your staircases a new look by replacing old treads with new ones. The steps to installing stair treads include the following:
Step 1: The first thing to do when attempting to install stair treads is to prepare. Gather all the needed materials such as tools, glues, nails, and the tread parts. Make sure that the room is at the appropriate temperature for optimum glue adhesion.
Step 2: Clean all the stair surfaces and make sure they are free of any debris and dirt: dust, oil, paint, rust, old adhesives, etc. To have better results, fill in any cracks or uneven seams with a sealant or a plaster compound.
Step 3: Size up the stairs and cut the treads accordingly. At first, it is best to make the treads a little oversized to make room for any errors. This would allow you to do some trials before installation and to be flexible with irregularly shaped or placed steps. When doing the final sizing, measuring, and cutting, be sure that the treads fit snugly on the steps. Any irregularities such as slanting or popping up of seams may be potential causes of tripping, slipping, falling, and other accidents.
Step 4: Install the stair tread with adhesives and/or nails. If you decide to use glues and other forms of adhesives, follow the manufacturer’s instructions as closely as possible. This would prevent any future problems of the tread detachment. When you decide on using nails, either wooden or metallic, make sure to hammer them down so that they do not protrude unnecessarily. For a cleaner look or finish, you can apply some plaster compounds to hide the nail heads.
Step 5: The last part of stair tread installation is refining and finishing. Hammer in any loose nail heads and sand off any excess glue. Paint the treads to match the rest of the stairs if necessary.
With care and proper attention to detail, you can get the job right at your first try. As previously mentioned, they can also be incorporated to match the overall theme of the whole house. They can have little unique touches that further reflect the personalities of the homeowners. If however, you are not one to jump in for do-it-yourself projects, then you can call in a professional contractor to do the job. Either way, making sure that the stair treads are still fully functional is one way of stepping up (no pun intended) safety measures within one’s home.

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Protection and safety with carpet stair treads
Safety is clearly the most significant option which you should always initially consider. There are different kinds of safety which includes the mechanical safety as well as environmental safety. Hence, while considering the improving of safety of the staircase and the stairway, you need to take into consideration the 2 diverse but significant kinds of safety issues. The highly obvious consideration is slickness of stairs, you should check that are they actually slippery? Has any person ever slipped, or fallen, or fallen down from stairs? If yes, then adding the carpet stair treads to your home can be the correct and the appropriate solution for you as well as for your complete family members.

When considering of whether to install the carpet runner in home you would have several aspects of project to cautiously think about. In fact, prior to deciding to install the carpetstair treads both owners as well as for the occupants may also wish to initially consider 3 aspects such as style, safety and method of installation. You should begin by asking the question yourself. As you actually think about few of the questions and consider everything which comes to your mind vigilantly as well as thoroughly. The questions which you should ask from yourself should be like, what are the safety benefits which are offered by the stair carpet runners to you and to your family? What is the style carpet which best supports the user safety as well as the aesthetic requirements? What is the method of installation which would be appropriate for you? Do you actually have the requisite tools as well as time to install the rug? After vigilantly considering all such questions you must be ready to board the project for improvement on your home! Let us take a detailed and complete look at safety considerations as you should always remember that safety comes first than anything else.
You can even wish to rule about various other options which enhances the surface texture and which also thereby enhances the safety of the staircase. Environmental safety is even the most significant factor which needs to be considered. Do you actually have the chemical sensitivity and the allergies? If yes, you would most preferably wish to research the natural as well as low emitting carpets along with the carpet liners. In reality, the carpet stair treads which is eco-friendly is actually probably the best bet. You may even look into the pads of stair carpet runner which are made of the natural rubber or the other alternatives to get the synthetic options. Moreover, you can also consider to securing the pieces of stair tread carpet in contrast to complete stair rug.
You would also wish to make sure about whoever is also installing is the completely protected. In the reality, person must have the eye protection accessible to them at the time of installing stair carpet runner. At the same time, during preparation period, if the solvents are also used, the proper respirator must be used and available. It is even the case for the paints as well as the paint fumes. In case there are any pregnant lady around you would wish to consider having in the various section of house which is away from project. Moreover, as specified earlier, persons with the chemical sensitivities and the allergies can also wish to get located all away from project as well. Now you have to take into consideration all 3 significant safety factors such as mechanical, environmental as well as project, it is the time to embark the exciting as well as worthwhile addition to the interior, the carpet stair treadsStairs may be also made from the different materials. Such materials mainly include iron, wood, glass as well as the stainless steel. What so ever material you select though, you need to ensure that it is the best and superior quality. Buy the requisite material from the trusted as well as reputable source. Cheap materials will also save you much money at initial level, but when they will break down than normal and so you would eventually end up spending more. 

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Properly fixed and superior quality of carpet stair treads will give stylish look, will ensure durability and at the same time most importantly it will protect and save your family members from unexpected and unforeseen slip from the stairs.